Open education collaboration program

Spots available for five universities. Apply for access now.

We’re very happy to be hosting open resources created by a wonderful community of teachers. But finding the right resources and evaluating if they match your course is still hard.

That’s why we are working on a better way to find and evaluate open resources. Do you want to be at the forefront of open education? Do you think your university can do more to stimulate the reuse and sharing of open educational resources?

Grasple will soon release a new version that will help teachers find and discover open resources more easily and help teachers evaluate their quality faster.

We have spots available for five universities that are passionate and ambitious about open education.

What is included in the open education collaboration program?

  • Your university will receive an open readiness check from Grasple. This will include a report on how ready your university is for reusing and sharing open resources.
  • Have a one hour Skype conversation with one of our product designers about your needs and wishes in relation to open education.
  • Grasple will connect the universities to discuss their individual and shared challenges in their path to open.
  • You will be able to work with the new version and share your thoughts and input.
  • Your university will be able to influence the focus and direction of the new release.

This is about the open community version of Grasple, so you do not have to be a customer of the premium version of Grasple.

Do you want to collaborate with other universities on open educational resources?