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Let’s be honest: teaching well is hard work. There are so many things to think about: activating and motivating students, helping them to really understand the material, and of course… grading. On top of that, each year there are more things to think about: blended learning, flipped classroom, learning analytics.

What may help is to know there are more teachers like you, thinking about how to solve these challenges. They share their experiences, the good and the bad ones. They show how they have blended their course, how they reused existing materials and developed new ones, how they went about activating their students and how they have used learning analytics to find out what their students were struggling with most.

For example, view this presentation (download link) by Kirsten Namesnik from Utrecht University, showing how she and her team have totally changed their research methods and statistics course. The results: higher student satisfaction and higher grades. Read more about her approach and results here.

We send out a monthly email containing interesting articles and tips and experiences from fellow teachers. A couple of times a year, we also host the Grasple Teacher Days, where you can meet other teachers and learn from each other’s experiences face to face. Read more about the last one on April 4th, 2019 here.

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